About Us

If anyone could do it,
It is probably not right for us.

If you’re talking about a 100m long sand fern on a Californian beach, a Giant Louis Vuitton Trunk in Tokyo, or an inflatable rugby ball venue under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you’re probably talking about the work of Inside Out Productions; a world class event and production company.

Inside Out Productions are an ideas company that specialize in sophisticated, visual and high impact events that celebrate creativity and design.

The company formed in 1982 and worked in the London theatre scene through the early eighties. In 1987 Inside Out moved to New Zealand, where their unique brand of events, theatre and large-scale spectaculars continued to develop.

Memorable Events
Called on by Louis Vuitton to conceptualize a global event to mark its 150th birthday, Inside Out built a giant Louis Vuitton trunk for 2000 guests and constructed it in Hong Kong, Tokyo & New York. The show within the venue incorporated a massive 30m wide screen from which performers & props seamlessly appeared and disappeared.

The event catapulted Inside Out onto the international stage as an imaginative world class company, going on to create work in USA, Australia, China, France, England Japan and Spain, working for some of the largest and most innovative brands in the world.

Rugby World Cup
One project the company are currently working on is for Tourism New Zealand, who required a high end publicity stunt surrounding the Rugby World Cup.

Inside Out and their design team have created a giant work of pop art. A venue in the shape of a huge inflatable rugby ball that was positioned beside one of the worlds greatest icons – The Eiffel Tower, Paris in October 2007. The ball has since gone up beside the London Tower Bridge, under The Tokyo Tower in Japan, and, in 2010, opposite the Sydney Opera House.

The Rugby Ball Venue won Gold ‘Best Temporary Structure’ in The New Zealand Design Awards 2008.