Founded by Michael Mizrahi and Marie Adams, Inside Out Theatre was established in London in 1981. The company quickly established itself as a leading force in British Contemporary visual theatre.

Over the next four years the company performed throughout Great Britain to wide-ranging critical acclaim. and also created corporate events including The 3 Degrees for The Young Millionaires Club at the Hippodrome, London.

In 1987 the company moved its base to Auckland, New Zealand. where it continued creating unforgettable, unique and spectacular events, earning both local and international recognition. Over the next eight years Inside Out Theatre toured New Zealand and Australia. After winning the 1988 Adelaide Festival’s “Critic Award for Excellence”, the company was invited to perform as part of The Sydney International Festival in 1990.

1990 also saw Inside Out Theatre produce the ground-breaking warehouse productions The Three-Penny Opera and The Holy Sinner, which won every major theatre award that year.

Inside Out has performed two times at the New Zealand International Festival, with The Holy Sinner 1994 and a revamped version in 2006.

They were commissioned to create an Opera “So Far” to launch the Auckland Arts Festival.

In 1994, Mike Mizrahi and Marie Adams established Inside Out Productions to bring Inside Out Theatre’s unique form of visual production expertise to the corporate events scene.

“The greatest treasures of this nation’s theatre”

“A theatrical event the likes of which has not been seen in Auckland for nearly 10 years.”

“Electrifying sinner sets new standard”

“The sagging Auckland theatre scene has been fired up by the’Holy Sinner’. It seems that Auckland at last understands the Taonga it has in Inside Out .”